Donate a Cigar to a Soldier

exp00055Today is Veterans Day, as I hope you remember (and I hope you found someone to thank). Well, it should come as no surprise that many of our troops enjoy a good cigar, and in places like Baghdad and Kabul, they tend to be in short supply. After the jump, learn more about how to help our service members enjoy a good cigar and a few moments of bliss.

As you may know, I spent five years in the army … a peacetime army. So, the sacrifices I made don’t compare to those who are serving today. Many soldiers are being called to tours of duty in combat for more than a year, and many wind up heading into harm’s way several times. It’s a tough life, for our troops and their families. Whether they join for three years to pay for college or decide to make careers out of serving their country, there’s nothing easy about it.

If you can put a cigar into the hands of a soldier and give him or her even an hour of rest from the substantial commitments they have made, don’t you think you should? With “Cigars for Soldiers,” now you can make a difference.


Cigars for Soldiers is an organization committed to putting sticks in the hands of soldiers serving around the world. This organiation wasn’t around when I served overseas (Korea, 1997-8), but I wish it had been. I had to scramble to get cigars where I was stationed, and they aren’t cheap on an enlisted soldier’s salary, I assure you.

It’s easy to send a care package to someone you know. After all, you feel what you have at stake. You want a friend or family member to be as comfortable as possible during incredibly trying times. But, there are plenty of people serving who are overlooked. If you are able to put one cigar in one soldier’s hands for New Year’s Eve, you are doing something that he will celebrate for many more to come.

So, please, take a moment out of your Veterans Day to help a member of our armed forces. After you do so, tell other people about this unique program. Our soldiers deserve the best.

And, by all means, thank a Vet today.

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