Back in Iceland …

Sculpture in Keflavik Airport

Sculpture in Keflavik Airport

… though not for long. I got here with enough time to grab some coffee and find a bathroom. I’m plucking away at my laptop now to post later because, of course, Keflavik Airport doesn’t offer free internet access. I just looked down at the computer’s clock: 2:09 AM. Of course, it’s really 7:10 AM here in Iceland.

Translation: I got screwed out of five hours of sleep. But, this is the life I chose.

I think I’ll be awake for the Iceland-to-Sweden leg of my trip. I’m pretty much awake now, and a bit more caffeine on the plane should seal the deal for me. I need to do a bit of prep for the day’s festivities in Stockholm.

Keflavik Airport hasn’t changed in the last five months (except the exchange rate). There’s still a display of a Viking ship, and the Café Europa coffee bar is right where I left it. And, it’s still hell to find a bathroom. I had to hike all over the fucking place to discover one buried in a duty free store. This hunt cost me most of my layover-well, that and a bit of Twitter time.

Let me get back to the exchange rate for a sec. I just picked up a double espresso and a bottle of water. It cost me $6.25 (or €5). Last time I was here, it probably would have been close to double that. My only complaint is that I’m here for an hour this time, compared to four days back in June.


Now, it’s pushing 9:30, and we’re finally getting ready to board. Sunrise came within the past half hour. Eerie.

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