Gray’s Papaya, Part II

dsc03722The price increase at Gray’s Papaya does bug the shit out of me, even though it doesn’t price me out of the market. C’mon, $1.50 per hot dog is not a big deal. Nothing at all. But, it irritates me that they didn’t announce the price increase, as they have in the past.

I would have had my story up earlier, but a pretty big magazine expressed some interest and then bailed. So, after the jump, you’ll get the backstory, a cool hot dog price chart and links to other interesting articles on the price increase.

I wanted to get my Gray’s Papaya story up much earlier, but it was held up by the magazine. But, the book was in the throes of death, as I learned from the editor who reviewed my querydsc02041:

[Corporate] told us on Thursday that they will wind down the website, so we’re not in the market for anything … except new jobs.

I’m sorry to hear about the guys at the magazine who are at risk of losing their jobs (word is, the hammer has already come down).

So, I had to push to get it up quickly, and I wasn’t able to put together a hot dog price chart. Fortunately, I was able to find one at EconompicData. So, many thanks for the legwork!

EconompicData put together a great story on the subject, so I do suggest that you give it a look. Also, take a look at a few other articles on the Gray’s Papaya price increase.

Recession Special Price Trend,

Recession Special Price Trend,

Oh, and at $4.45, I have my doubts as to whether the savings is still a full dollar. I’ll have to see if they’ve replaced that sign as well.

Recession bites! Gray’s Papaya raises the price on its famous special

Hot Dogs and Politics in the West Village
Midtown South Daily

Gray’s Papaya to raise the price of Recession Special to $4.45

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