Canadians Love Me

exp00046I’m now famous in Canada! Read todays issue of the Globe and Mail to get my perspective on corporate meeting policies (I know, fun stuff). You can read the article right now, or keep reading here to get the backstory, particularly as to why Canadians love me.

This post has everything you could possibly want: corporate meetings in Nebraska, newspapers and a quote from me. Even though it’s only 2/3 of a story (Canadian, after all), it’s still far sexier than that bit about Jenna Haze and Belladonna wanting to double up on me.


Canadians love me. I don’t know why, but they just do. I’ve always been treated like a king when visiting our neighbors to the north, even when the exchange rate cut in their favor. They didn’t rub it in. In fact, the Canadians remained quite hospitable. And, they are loyal. When I held a sign with “asylum” written on it in front of the U.S. Consulate in Quebec, the local police did question me, to make sure I wasn’t disrespecting their friends and allies.

So, when I saw a query on for the Globe and Mail, Canada’s newspaper, I had to send in a pitch … and I got a call! Reporter Kira Vermond was writing about meeting policies in Corporate North America and was looking for sources on such trends as “meeting-free Fridays.” Back when I was a consultant, I had a client that tried this idiotic practice.

“We would usually try to find one [meeting room] as far away as we could from the CIO’s office so we wouldn’t get caught,” he says.

Can you believe that shit? “Mr. Johansmeyer”? See, they really do love me. Oh, I have a longer quote farther down in the article, but they cleaned up my language. Apparently, Canadians are not as comfortable with profanity as I am … except in Montreal, but we all know why.

Print may be dying, but as long as the Globe and Mail keeps me on its paper pages, I’ll remain a full supporter!

Read the entire article, including my quotes >>

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