Do you remember the unbeatable late 1990s?

bull-collage-half-sizeWatching the Web 2.0 bubble burst — thanks to a little help from the global financial crisis — keeps bringing me back to the glory days of Web 1.0: the ridiculous start-ups, the vacuous business models. Ahhhh, the good ol’ days. So, gripped by the glory that should have been mine (but wasn’t because my cocksucker CEO wanted to take our dopey company public rather than accept one of the many overpriced acquisition offers), I just had to see if was still around. I was surprised by what I found.

A long time ago, Raging Bull was folded into, which is a part of the Lycos family that got snapped up by Terra but now seems to be part of a company called eSignal, which is owned by Interactive Data Corporation (IDC). Lycos, on the other hand, now belongs to Daum, which is “a leading search and Internet portal in Korea.”

Wow, a lot has changed!

Well, Raging Bull is still with us, and it is still a shitty financial message board. But, I’ll always have a soft spot for it. Back in the day, Raging Bull offered free webmail (with a horribly low-rent user interface). But, I was able to get my first initial and last name (before I changed to my current, uncommon last name) at a time when that wasn’t possible on Yahoo! or Hotmail … and well before Gmail existed.

Okay, sorry for the walk down memory lane. Couldn’t resist.


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