2 thoughts on “Election Contingency Plan

  1. Andy

    I wish a Republican had won and not because I want Democrats to leave America, but because it would be a great comedic event for me.

    Canada’s Prime Minster and his Cabinet are all Conservatives. The Conservative Party in Canada continues to grow in strength and the last election increased the number of seats in their Parliament from 127 to 143.

    Apparently Canada is sick of all the American liberals moving up there and they are changing their way of thought.

    I am 20 miles south of Canada, maybe I should move to Canada. Interesting…

  2. migrantblogger Post author

    It would have been a great comedic event for everyone, much funnier than the ongoing character assassination of Sarah Palin by her running mate. It’s pretty clear the Republican Party doesn’t want to deal with her in four years.

    That is strange; I never thought of Canada as an escape for Republicans. The world really is changing.


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