Absinthe in France

It's on the corner

It's on the corner

Like absinthe? I love it. Of course, we only gave access to the “lite” version in the United States, but if you head over to France, you’ll find something to enjoy. I sure as hell did.

To this day, my favorite absinthe stop is in Antibes. I can’t remember the name of the place, but it’s a short walk from the Picasso museum (which, to my dismay, was closed when I went to Antibes two years ago). Upstairs, you’ll find a shop with plenty of ‘sinthe and accessories. But, the real fun happens in the basement.

Descend, and you will find a bar stocked fully … and with nothing but the “green fairy.” Each table has a large water container, spoons and sugar. Order your absinthe, prepare it to your taste and savor every sip. Don’t be afraid to ask the bartender for advice; he’s more than happy to help.

For France, especially, the place was not expensive. I dropped about EUR5 a shot, which is cheaper than a martini here in Manhattan. Just remember that you’ll have to find your way home at the end of the night.

I went to this shop after getting caught in the rain, and the taste of that absinthe sure made everything better. I’d go back in a heartbeat.

Nowhere near Antibes is Vert d’Absinthe in the Mireille neighborhood. This is a shop, not a bar. But, you can sample the product … just don’t get greedy. I walked out of the place with six bottles of absinthe to take home. No joke. It was amazing. The ‘sinthe is priced reasonably, and the guy who worked there was extremely pleasant. Vert d’Absinthe also ships to the United States, so it’s great for a fix between trips abroad.

There is an absinthe bar in Paris, creatively called Bar d’Absinthe. They don’t have a whole lot of variety, but they do have the equipments necessary to consume the green fairy properly.

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