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Migrant Blogger: The WordPress Ninja

So, I have finally figured out how to schedule publication in WordPress. I am writing this on Sunday night, and I’m shooting to have it up on the 19th– Friday. I’ve scheduled a number of articles to go live throughout the week. When you see this, just know that I’ve taken my blogging skills to the next level.

I think I passed some kind of threshold on TripAdvisor

My usual picture in the mirror

My usual picture in the mirror

For previous reviews on TripAdvisor, I would post and have to wait for a few days until it went live. It bugged the shit out of me, because I like instant gratification. Today, I posted a review of the Holiday Inn Waterbury— where I had to stay when I was stuck going to Waterbury, CT for the weekend– and it was posted immediately. No waiting. And, the site published my three photos, as well.

So, I think I’ve passed some sort of milestone with TripAdvisor. I guess there’s a trial period before they let you post directly to the site. I’m pretty psyched that I’ve been “promoted.”

A movie I just remembered for no reason

I don’t know why this came to mind, but I couldn’t help but think about a hilarious movie, The Last Supper. It probably came to mind because I saw a commercial with Ron Perlman in it. This is a fantastic flick about a bunch of liberal graduate students in Iowa who decide to have a conservative over for lunch every Sunday and kill the guest if (s)he won’t convert. Ron Perlman looks positively demonic; he played the Rush Limbaugh-esque role perfectly.

The rest of the cast was top-shelf. Cameron Diaz was nothing short of vicious, as was Courtney Vance. Other big names included Annabeth Gish (Beautiful Girls), Ron Eldard (Black Hawk Down and on Broadway, Doubt) and Bill Paxton (Big Love). They all came together perfectly … so much so that a glance at Ron Perlman in a commercial would make it all come rushing back.

So, if you haven’t seen it, see it. Now.

WTF, Vanity Fair?

How the fuck did both Larry Gagosian and Damien Hirst make the top 40 in Vanity Fair’s New Establishment rankings. While I’m excited to see two artists represented, did they have to pick the dealer client combo? Particularly at #31 and #38? It just seems like a bit much. Throw in Bacon-buyer Roman Abramovich at #8, and you have the entire Bacon supply chain.

Of course, Vanity Fair was not cool enough to show some love to the ultimate Baconian, Nelson Diaz. That’s a damned shame, because you can look at his work and see where Bacon was headed.

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[From the Wandering Blogger] New Trader Travel Article: Adventure in South Africa

Check out my latest travel article for In “Air, Land and Water– Live Risk in All Elements,” you will live on the edge. Fly in a fighter jet, drive a Formula 1 race car and SCUBA dive with sharks. If you are rich and desperate for a thrill, this is where you’ll find it.

This is an Alexander & Kent Extreme Adventure trip, so it’s far from cheap. But, for those with the means, it should not be missed.

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The economy must be in trouble

Don’t bother to read the other headlines; Gawker has rendered them superfluous. In light of concerns about mortgages, banks and savings accounts, MTV has taken the drastic step of killing Total Request Live.

I understand that times are hard– and that we all have to tighten our belts. We have to make sacrifices. After all, we are all responsible for the stability of the financial system.