And I thought Putin was out of a job …

You may remember that Vladimir Putin is no longer Russia’s leader. But, when the violence in Georgia (theirs, not ours) breaks out, whose picture does the Silicon Alley Insider run? Yep, not the other guy.

So, is it Putin’s iron fist at work or the czar of stabilization to the rescue? It depends who you ask, I guess.

However you stack it up, nobody beats the Insider’s headline: Stock Market Misunderestimating Russia-Georgia Threat. Henry Blodget, great use of Bush-swiping language!

2 thoughts on “And I thought Putin was out of a job …

  1. Andy

    I thought I would share this with you to read, another man’s viewpoint on Putin and Georgia. The link is from the Statesman, the Austin, TX daily. You will understand once you see who wrote it. In particular I got a kick out of the reader comments critisizing the author of being a “neo-communist professors and other Russian apologists.”

    I am too afraid to ask the author what his opinion is of being called that, for I don’t want to have an hour long conversation about how people “just don’t get it.”


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