Street Performances

I see this guy usually once or twice a year. He walks up Sixth Ave– past De La Concha– with his spirit on display. Usually, I see him earlier in the year, so this was a pleasant surprise. In the past, he used to walk by when my friend was in town. It was just a strange coincidence. He was at De La Concha today, but missed the guy-in-the-dress by mere hours.

The bird on his head, I think, is real, but he doesn’t move. I don’t know how the situation works; it just does. Also, the dress changes from year to year. Once it was a wedding dress, but clearly, the guy has become much more festive.

I am glad this guy walked by today. I was pissed that I hadn’t had my fill for this year. It’s almost like missing a season. What would you say if Spring didn’t happen? That’s how I was starting to feel. Well, my itch has been scratched.

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