Migrant Blogger Worth $576.70

My site is worth $576.7.
How much is yours worth?

I found the coolest site on the web this evening. I was looking for secondary coverage on my Ninn/Spearmint Rhino story in AVN (there hasn’t been any), and I somehow stumbled onto WebsiteOutlook.com. The gimmick here is that the value of your website is calculated based on traffic, search engine reach, etc. in order to determine its potential advertising revenue.

The Migrant Blogger is worth $576.70– not bad for a part-time hack that has only been around for about two months. That turns into about $0.79 a day.

Okay, this isn’t exactly paying off yet. But, maybe instead of trying to generate daily revenue, I’ll build up traffic then do a little bit of M&A work– sell my blog for an outrageous fortune.

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