Plan for the day

Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest, but I gave rest (and religion) up for Lent. So, here I am with shit to do. I have a lot to write about my weekend (saw dad, brothers and cousin) for the 4th. Of course, hilarity ensued. I also have some pictures, because you always need evidence. Also, I’m going to meet with Ben Krell later, and Julio Aguilera, at De La Concha.

But, for now, I have to shower and go to the grocery store. I leave you with a picture of Bam Bam, who was up in Connecticut with me over the weekend. This shot of him, by Steve Zak, was taken at a De La Concha cigar dinner back in February.


One thought on “Plan for the day

  1. John Palcewski

    I hope we’re still on for August 2 in Philadelphia, and if so I’m thinking of trying to get Maria to accompany me.

    Atlas Shrugged? That brings back memories, of the 60s, when I was in the Air Force. A long story.

    Anyway, let me know ASAP about the Philadelphia thing.


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