Scavenger Hunt Update

When I left New York, I told my colleagues that I wanted to see a Scandinavian midget. While I have seen several short people (though not many), none actually qualifies as a midget.

Aside from the midget search, the ferry ride to Tallinn is nothing short of dull. The boat is moving along, but I can feel the motion. On six hours of sleep and not enough coffee, it’s not pleasant. But, I’m willing to pay the price to catch a glimpse of something new.


4 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunt Update

  1. migrantblogger Post author

    No luck seeing hobbits– picture was hilarious, though.

    I’m back in New York now. It’s strage. It’s 11 PM, and it’s dark outside!

  2. jeanett666

    from the country with the never ending sumerdays/nights to new york..
    here(norway) the Sun goes down about 11pm but it doesn’t get completley dark and then it comes up agian at 4 am or something o_o


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