Helsinki Is Like Boston

Not exactly, but in some ways.

Helsinki is a cozy city of a few hundred thousand people. Skyscrapers are noticeably absent, and the people tend to be young. There is a bit of cobblestone, and there are cues that the culture has history. Also, people drive like retards and park on the sidewalk. Trolleys run through the middle of the street, mixed with traffic (though in Boston, they run alongside but segregated).

But, to the locals’ credit, they are unlike Bostonians. Everyone here has been incredibly pleasant, and they have gone out of their ways to make my experience here enjoyable.

Also, Helsinki does not have a larger cousin next door. Boston perpetually lives in the shadow of New York, truly making it a second city. There isn’t much outside Helsinki, so the inferiority complex is noticeably lacking. This is what Boston would be like if (a) it weren’t near New York and (b) if it weren’t inhabited by Bostonians.


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