Iceland’s Cigar Situation

If you know me, you know I’m a cigar guy. Just to be sure I’d have enough, I brought my own from De La Concha in New York. That’s my regular cigar hang, and I’m their house writer. But, every cigar smoker has visions of Cubans when leaving the United States. I’m no different.

In this regard, Reykjavik was a disappointment.

There is one smoke shop in the city. The fact that it’s named Bjork (like the Icelandic singer) is a bad sign. Cigar shops should have manly names like De La Concha or Dos Hombres. Not Bjork! Well, the shop had a good selection of surprisingly inexpensive though high-quality pipes, but I’m set with pipes for now. The cigars, on the other hand, were astronomical. They wanted 3,900 kroner for a Cohiba Esplendido and 3,500 for a Montecristo. That’s $40 to $50– too rich for my blood.

I picked up a five-pack of Cohiba Siglo IIIs at duty free for around $50. Not so bad. But, believe it or not, I’msmoking the De La Concha house cigar right now, despite having for Cubans (well, Cuban cigars) in my backpack.

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