Humorous Press Releases

I have launched a Google Group called Tom’s Daily Press Releases ( I try to get one out every day, but I don’t always live up to it. My goal, aside from trying to develop some abilities as a humor writer, is to show how just absurd the corporate PR culture has become. People are issuing press releases on almost everithing. I’m fighting back. Here’s my latest:

News Release

Only Tom Johansmeyer Is up to the Tom Johansmeyer Challenge
It Takes a Special Constitution to be “Tom”

Tom Johansmeyer, reinsurance literary phenom announces today that being “Tom Johansmeyer” is not easy, but that he would not wish it on anybody else because they are ill-equipped to be “Tom Johansmeyer.”

According to the person who made reinsurance literature almost mildly interesting, being “Tom Johansmeyer” is not as exciting as one would suspect. “Sure, I get to go to exotic locations to witness the mundane, but it takes a unique fortitude to do it without performance-enhancing chemicals,” according to Johansmeyer.

Read the entire release, join my Google Group >>


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